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A1-Grundig S450DLX Shortwave Field Radio


Grunding AM/FM Portable Shortwave Receiver


Product Description

The Grundig AM/FM/Shortwave Field Radio with Liquid Crystal Display is a durable radio that emits crisp and clear audio with ease. It has high-performance IC and MOSFET which provides high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, low background noise, and lower distortion. With 50 stations worth of memory, you can access your favorite stations quickly and easily. It has MCU Control (microcontroller unit) and a large LCD backlight display with frequency, clock, battery level indicator, and signal strength indicator. It can even wake you up with its dual alarm with wakeup, snooze, and sleep functions. Its powerful built-in 5-inch full-range speaker can be adjusted to control bass and treble to your preference. And take the Grundig AM/FM/Shortwave Field Radio just about anywhere with its featured strap-type.


From the Manufacturer

Grundig S450DLX Deluxe AM/FM/Shortwave Radio - Black (NGS450DLB)

The S450DLX is one of our best-performing radios. An update to our rugged body, military-style S350DL radio, this model adds precise digital tuning, aux-in, (now you can plug in your favorite mp3 player or standalone satellite radio player), 50 station memory (10 presets for each band), a lock key to keep it from turning on when you're transporting from place to place, and 6 D batteries (not included) for longer listening time.

This radio is as well-suited to listen to your favorite station in your workshop as it is to a weekend camping trip or an African safari. It has excellent AM, FM, and shortwave reception, thanks to its excellent internal antennas and the capability of adding external ones. And we kept the great sound—you get large, full-range speaker sound, designed for your listening pleasure.

Features include:Grundig


Digital - AM/MW (520-1710 KHz / 522-1620 KHz), FM (88-108 MHz), SW (continuous frequency range from 1711-29999kHz)
Frequency Tuning Steps: 3 methods to choose from (fast/slow/Stop)
High-performance IC and MOSFET: Provides high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, low background noise and lower distortion
MW/SW IF wide/narrow bandwidth selection: improves audio fidelity and minimizes noise
MCU Control (microcontroller unit) and large LCD backlight display with: frequency, clock, battery level indicator, and signal strength indicator
AM band features dual conversion PLL technology: provides anti-image rejection
50 station memory (10 presets for each band)
Dual alarm with wakeup, snooze, and sleep functions
AM/FM/SW external antenna input socket and the ability to connect to cable FM
Individual MW 500 Ext./GND socket for external antenna and ground to improve MW sensitivity
Strap type carrying handle
Full-range speaker with variable independent bass and treble control
Stereo line level audio input/output and Stereo/Mono selection

Power source: 6 x D batteries (not included) or DC IN (9V), negative polarity, 500 mA adapter


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