A1-Grundig Millennium Satellit 800 (Used)


Grundig Satellit 800 Millenium Shortwave Receiver (Used Good Condition)

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The Grundig Satellit 800 gives you the ultimate in features, performance, convenience, and sound. It's incredibly powerful. Technologically sophisticated, yet easy to use.Whether your an experienced shortwave listener or newcomer to the world of international broadcasting, this is the radio to get. The tuner receives all longwave, AM broadcast band(MW), all Shortwave frequencies, the FM stereo broadcast band, and even the VHF aeronautical band(118-137MHz).

With Grundig, you expect great audio and the 800 delivers with a large speaker, strong amp, and separate bass and treble controls. Grundig even includes a high-quality set of headphones for private listening. Tuning is available via the large size manual knob (with no audible muting during tuning), keypad entry or by 70 user-programmable memories (7 banks of 10). A large illuminated 6" by 3½" multifunction LCD shows the status of the radio.

A synchronous detection circuit reduces fading and increases intelligibility. Three filters (6, 4, and 2.3 kHz) allow you to select the optimum bandwidth. Other features include Analog S-Meter, AGC and Attenuator buttons, ultra-fine 50 Hz Single Sideband (SSB) tuning and dual 24-hour format clock timers. The over-size telescopic whip antenna pulls in incredibly well, but there are also antenna jacks for SW, AM, FM, and the VHF Air Band on the rear panel. An external speaker jack (¼ inch, 3 Conductor) and line output jack (RCA) for tape recording are also included. The 800 has plenty of input and output jacks.


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