A3-KA650 Bluetooth Emergency Radio


Emergency Radio with Music Player and Bluetooth Connection, Voice Recorder, Hand Crank 

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Benefits of Kaito KA 650

Check out the Kaito KA 650 at the best price! KA 650 is a perfect radio that you can use during disasters and emergencies or just on an everyday basis. It is an emergency radio and has all the necessary features that you would require in a potential crisis. 


Solar panels are embedded to charge the radio by itself. The solar panels are designed in such a way that it self-adjusts according to the position of the sun rays to receive the maximum energy during the daytime. 


5 LED lamps are placed at the bottom of the solar panel, which can be used in low light conditions. The best thing about Kaito KA 650 is its LED flashlight that is built for multi-functional purposes. It is mounted on the sides that can also be used in sending emergency signals.


Kaito KA 650 has a 7 Band of Weather that is highly precise in providing you with accurate weather information. There is a weather alert feature that activates whenever there is an emergency situation and gives you an alert signal. 


Special NOAA Weather System

Kaito KA 650 has a built-in Emergency Alert System or EAS with a National Weather Radio or NWR. It receives its Network through National Oceanic Atmospheric Association or NOAA. This feature activates automatically whenever there is an emergency situation or bad weather conditions when the radio is in ‘Alert’ mode.


With the help of the NOAA weather system, the Kaito KA 650 gets an upper edge over other radio brands receiving a wide media broadcasting range from AM to FM, shortwave, and NOAA weather reports. You get pre-programmed 7 band weather channels that you can easily tune into whenever and wherever you want.


Kaito KA 650 Features

  • Solar Panel Power: powers up the radio directly under the sunlight without any hassle
  • 3.5mm jack and an AC adapter for fast charging 
  • 5 LED light for emergency situations or camping
  • 7 Weather bands allowing crystal clear, stable reception control circuit
  • Compact and stylish design for everyday use
  • Rechargeable batteries that support 3 NI-MH 6000mAh batteries


Kaito KA 650 Specification

  • FM radio 88 MHz to 108 MHz
  • AM radio 530 kHz to 1710 kHz
  • SW 1: 3.2 to 8 MHz
  • SW 2: 9 to 18 MHz


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