A2-KA888 Solar Survival Radio



4-way Powered  with, AM FM Shortwave Bands, Alarm Clock, Thermometer, Compass & Flashlight

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Benefits of Kaito KA888

Buy one of the best emergency radios for yourself today! Kaito KA888 is one of the best radios in the market that is specially designed for emergency purposes. Due to its versatility and innovative functionality, it is a perfect companion for outdoor activities and traveling. 


KA888 is an excellent radio that supports various methods to power itself like a DC/AC adapter, solar charger etc. Moreover, it has a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery which can be easily recharged with a hand crank or from the AC adapter. 


KA888 also comes with an internal generator that helps to charge the Ni-MH battery and powers this gadget, siren, and flashlight, etc. In addition to this, it has a fast-speed charger which means that if you charge it for just two minutes, it can be powered for at least half an hour. 


The flashlight of this gadget is of high quality and works well as a piece of safety equipment. It automatically picks up the signals for all local FM/AM stations. Moreover, it can easily catch a frequency for a wide variety of broadcasting which includes FM, shortwave, and AM.  


You can take this handy gadget on an outdoor cookout camping, during sunbathing, and more. The frequency of this radio is so good that it easily tunes with the station of your choice, which includes shortwave signals and various weather bands. 



KA888 Radio Features

  • Comes with 3 high-quality LED Flashlight
  • Comes with all the tech you need in emergency situations
  • Charger for your mobile and other small electrical devices
  • 11 Bands: FM/AM/LW/SW/with Digital Tuner
  • Compass, Alarm Clock, and a high-quality thermometer 
  • A high capacity Internal Ni-Cad Battery for better power supply and faster recharge



KA888 Radio Specifications

  • FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz
  • AM: 525KHz to 1710 kHz
  • SW 1: 6.00 to 12.0 MHz
  • SW 2: 12.00 to 18.50 MHz


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