A4-KA249 Lantern Weather Radio


Multi-functional 4-way Powered LED Camping Lantern with AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio & Cell Phone Charger

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Benefits of KA249

Kaito KA249 is a seamlessly working radio machine that combines an LED lantern, a cell, a weather radio, and a mobile device charger all under one roof. It is a useful companion for indoor as well as outdoor activities like hiking, camping or road trip, etc. It can also be used as an indispensable and invaluable tool for engineering, designing, and emergency preparedness.


It has a built-in LED light source that is as efficient as it could get. The LED light consists of 8 bulbs that provide bright illumination during emergency weather conditions or random power outages. It has two modes of battery power - high or low that is used in case when you want to save battery power. 

Special AM, FM, NOAA Alert Systems: 

During emergencies, the Kaito KA249 can be used to acquire useful information about the inside and the outside world using broadcasting channels like AM, FM for news, music, sports, talk shows or traffic, and NOAA for local time weather as well as any potential emergency alert.


This lantern or Radio machine also has a built-in USB slot to charge mobile devices like MP3 players, smartphones, or any other household battery-powered tools. IT has loudspeakers and a telescopic antenna that has a razor-sharp reception and crispy sound. 

Kaito KA249 Features:

  • Hand-held LED lantern, Multi-functional solar-powered lights, 5V DC power supply
  • Solar-powered with 3 AA battery and Li-ion rechargeable batteries support
  • High-brightness 8 LED lights with light adjustments
  • In-built USB port for charging other portable devices
  • Loud and crisp speakers with built-in antenna for good signal reception
  • NOAA: Comes with 1-7 band whether channels

Kaito KA249 Specifications:

  • AM: 520 kHz to 1710 kHz
  • FM: 88 MHz to 108 MHz
  • Micro-USB 5V, Standard USB 5V


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