A7-KA321 AM/FM Shortwave Pocket Radio


Pocket-Size 10-Band AM/FM Shortwave Radio with DSP (Digital Signal Processing),

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Benefits of KA321

If you are looking for a high-quality radio that can catch any AM/FM frequency that you want, then KA321 is for you. KA321 is a study radio and comes with the trust of Kaito. Kaito’s KA321 is also a very nicely priced shortwave radio.


The KA321 is best when it comes to picking up most of the stations with the help of all its bands. Picking up different frequencies is the area where KA321 comfortably beats all its competition. 


Moreover, the compact size of the KA321 makes it very portable. You can even fit KA321 in your pocket if that’s needed. So, you can easily take your KA321 with you and enjoy your evening while listening to your favorite channel.


KA321 is also packed with features like digital signal processing technology, and Broadcasts signal reception is the best value for money product when it comes to radios with nearly every feature. Moreover, this radio is also great for power outages, camping, EDC, etc.


KA321 Radio Features

  • Broadcasts signal reception for AM, FM, and SW
  • It comes with Digital Signal Processing technology
  • Easy to use tuning knob for quick frequency tuning and LED tuning indicator
  • 3.5 mm earphone jack for listening privately
  • Comes with a dedicated telescopic whip antenna for the improvement of signal receptor on SW and FM band


KA321 Radio Specifications

  • FM : 64.0 to 108.0 MHz
  • MW : 522 to 1710 KHz
  • SW1 : 5.70 to 6.40MHz
  • SW2 : 6.85 to 7.50MHz
  • SW3 : 9.30MHz to 10.00MHz
  • SW4 : 11.60MHz to 12.20MHz
  • SW5 : 13.55MHz to 14.15MHz
  • SW6 : 15.10MHz to 15.90MHz
  • SW7 : 17.20MHz to 18.00MHz
  • SW8 : 21.30MHz to 21.95MHz


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