A4-KA404 Crank Flashlight Radio


Wind-up Flashlight with AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio, Cell Charger & Emergency Siren with Micro USB Port

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Benefits of Kaito KA404

Get the best emergency radio for your adventurous activities. The Kaito KA404 is a sturdy radio machine that combines 5 LED flashlights along with AM, FM features. It is an extremely handy camping accessory and can be your right travel companion.


KA404 comes with an AM/FM channel band that is a very versatile gadget that can be useful in any emergency situation like earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunami. It is made up of highly durable impact plastic that includes rugged features like 5 LED lights 15,000 MCD each, which can last for well over 10 minutes. These LED lights are a great source to illuminate any campsite and work well in low light conditions.


It has loud and crisp speakers with an in-built telescopic antenna to improve the AM/FM/NOAA reception in any location. NOAA has 7 band channels that provide clear receptions of weather news.


Special Silicon Lab Chips Feature:

The Kaito KA 404 has Silicon Lab Chips that performs outstandingly well in considering its a low cost radio. It helps in good NOAA weather broadcast reception at all times. This is a mandatory feature that must be included in every emergency situation like earthquakes.


This is paired with a telescopic antenna that improves the network reception in any location. It has an emergency siren that beeps every time there is a potential threat of natural disaster. This is a handy must-have feature for any traveller and adventurer.


Kaito KA - 404 Features:

  • 5 LED lights that are super bright, selectable 1 LED out of 5 is also added
  • Hand-cracking charging feature that lasts more than 30 minutes 
  • AM/FM/NOAA radio channel bands with Siren
  • Rechargeable batteries along with 5V DC input and output
  • USB cable bundled within the box, reverse charging other mobile devices also available
  • High-quality internal speakers for a high-quality sound experience


Kaito KA - 404 Specifications:

  • AM: 520 kHz to 1710 kHz
  • FM: 88 MHz to 108 MHz
  • NOAA: 1-7 band radio channels


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