A3-KA680 Cell Charger Weather Radio


AM/FM NOAA Weather Emergency Radio with Location-Specific Public Emergency Alert, Bluetooth, MP3 Player & Recorder

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Benefits of KA680

Grab your hands on KA 680 and easily get out of emergency situations. The Kaito KA 680 is the recently launched emergency radio from Kaito. It is also considered a beast of a music machine despite its small size. Moreover, KA 680 is an all-in-one super quality machine with heavy sound speakers that you can use to listen to music of any choice from all sorts of sources. 


KA 680 has a built-in MP3 player, AUX, or line-in connection with the mobile devices, Bluetooth, NOAA radio stations, and FM/AM. It is a very portable device, and you can carry it anywhere for outdoor sports, camping, or even use it during an emergency blackout. Moreover, it also comes with a 4-way battery source that can be used during emergencies. 


KA 680 has a dynamic cranking mechanism that efficiently generates enough power to get the battery fully charged. It has big solar panels that grab the maximum amount of sunlight to trickle battery charging. It also supports USB charging from any device and gets charged within hours, and lasts for days. KA 680 is an amazing emergency radio that you would love to have.


Special Compact Design System

The Kaito KA 680 has an Ultra-compact design with multi-functional Digital Signal Processing or DSP. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use during emergencies as it has many power options. 


The Highly sensitive digital tuner broadcasts domestic and international news, talk shows, sporting events, traffic updates, local weather reports, and news with absolute clarity. Talking about clarity, listening to media content through wireless audio streaming and Bluetooth has become easier. 


You can connect your micro-SD card or mobile phone with AUX and turn up the dynamic and crispy speakers for enhanced enjoyment.


Kaito KA 680 Features:

  • Lithium-ion battery support for better battery life
  • Dimensions 12.7cm x 5.08cm x 6.53cm
  • Bright Digital Display for good visibility
  • Stereo mode on the FM band, in-built record function
  • FM, AM, and NOAA 1 to 7 band channel
  • Flashlight and Siren
  • Text Browser with languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and French
  • MP3 player with formats MP3, MAW, and WAV, up to 32 GB SD card support


Kaito KA 680 Specifications:

  • AM: 530 kHz to 1719 kHz
  • FM: 88 Mhz to 108 Mhz


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