A6-WRX911 AM/FM Shortwave Pocket Radio


AM/FM + 9-Band Shortwave Pocket Radio

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Benefits of Kaito WRX911

If you are looking for an affordable shortwave radio, then WRX911 is for you. Kaito's WRX911 is one of the best shortwave radios in the current market. It offers high-quality sound and crystal clear reception on each and every band.


Moreover, the radio comes with an intriguing design that is also very easy to use. WRX911 is so user-friendly that you would easily start using the radio without even looking at the user manual.


WRX911 just carries the essential stuff and has a minimalist look because of this. Its compact and solid body has a tuning knob, volume control, and a retractable antenna. WRX911 is a perfect radio if you are planning to travel. You can listen to your favorite songs on this amazing radio with the help of earphones or a built-in speaker.


Special Shortwave Feature with High Sensitivity

WRX911 is a shortwave antenna and has high selectivity and sensitivity. So, you just need to switch the band selector to the correct band and it will get tuned. This radio will give you high shortwave accuracy at a very affordable price.


Features of WRX911

  • AM/FM feature with nine band shortwave
  • High selectivity and sensitivity
  • Perfect for travel purpose due to its compact design
  • Built-in telescopic antenna and speaker
  • Comes with includes earphones and a premium pouch


Kaito WRX911 Specifications: 

AM : 530 to 1710 KHz

FM : 88 to 08 MHz

SW1 : 4.60 to 5.20 MHz

SW2 : 5.75 to 6.40 MHz

SW3 : 6.95 to 7.65 MHz

SW4 : 9.30 to 9.90 MHz 

SW5 : 11.55 to 12.10 MHz 

SW6 : 13.55 to 13.85 MHz 

SW7 : 14.85 to 15.80 MHz 

SW8 : 17.40 to 18.05 MHz 

SW9 : 21.30 to 21.95 MHz


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