A5-KA123 AM/FM Weather Radio


Pocket Size AM FM NOAA Weather Band Radio with Flashlight

Looking for a compact emergency radio with high-tech features? KA123 from Kaito has a digital tuner, NOAA alert, and a small size that fits in your glovebox or EDC bag. Equipped with a high-intensity flashlight and safety features, KA123 requires only 3 AAA batteries to work. Additionally, it has all the features of a standard radio such as FM/AM. KA123 is the ideal choice for those who want a small, feature-packed emergency radio that looks cool.


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Benefits of KA123

Want an emergency radio which is filled with tech and comes in handy? Then KA123 is the perfect option for you. Kaito has packed KA123 with a lot of features like NOAA alert and a digital tuner.

However, the unique selling point of KA123 is its small size. There is nearly no other emergency radio which can provide you with high-tech features in such a compact design. KA123 has a perfect size so that it fits incorrectly in your glovebox or your EDC bag.

Moreover, KA123 also comes with a high-intensity flashlight that is enough to light up your night camp. It is also equipped with all safety features to get you out of any emergency situation. Still, KA123 requires only 3AAA batteries to do all these tasks.

Other than this, KA123 is also a radio and offers you all the features of the radio like FM/AM, etc. All and all, KA123 is all you need if you want a small emergency radio packed with features that also look cool.

Special NOAA Alert System

The Kaito KA123 is also equipped with an excellent emergency alert system. KA123 stays connected with the national weather radio network in order to provide you with predicted weather reports. 

These weather reports are provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association or NOAA. So, your KA123 will inform you of all types of warnings, including public safety, harsh weather conditions, and environmental conditions.

KA123 Radio Features

  • Compact design makes it ideal for carrying anywhere
  • Works with rechargeable AAA batteries
  • NOAA alert system for emergency conditions
  • 5V DC mini USB
  • High intensity LED flashlight

 KA123 Radio Specifications

  • AM: 525 to 1710 kHz
  • FM: 88 to 108 MHz




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