A2-KA500 Hand Crank Emergency Radio


5-way Powered AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Solar, Dynamo Crank, Flashlight and Reading Lamp


Benefits of Kaito KA500

Check out the KA500 portable radio from Kaito. This high-quality receiver is designed for both emergency applications and daily use. KA500 offers all types of important features that you can expect in an emergency radio. 


This amazing portable emergency radio can be powered in 6 different ways. These are solar panel, 5V USB input, hand crank generator, section for 3 AA batteries, built-in replaceable NiMH, 5V AC/DC input with a nice wall power adapter which is sold sep and battery pack which is rechargeable.


KA500 provides full coverage of FM, AM, 2-band shortwave. In addition to this, it also provides 7 NOAA weather channels that are pre-installed on the radio. So you can easily listen to your favorite talk shows, sports, news throughout the world, entertainment channels, and weather forecast news of Canada and USA on a 24/7 basis.


The KA500 also comes with regular DC USB output of 5V. So it can also act as a charger for mobile, digital cameras, MP3 players, and GPS units in an emergency. Other than this, it comes with an LED flashlight, a reading lamp light with 5-LED, and an S.O.S. beacon light with a red LED.


A highly advanced telescopic antenna is also provided in KA500. This antenna stretches up to 14.5" and is made of a high-quality semiconductor. Moreover, it also comes with an LED indicator which indicates signal strength. Lastly, a high-quality speaker gives a crispy and loud sound.


KA500 is built from a strong ABS material that is water-resistant and impact-resistant. Moreover, it also comes with an innovative design. This makes KA500 a perfect choice for everyday household use. Moreover, this also makes KA500 a crucial tool for traveling, backpacking, camping, emergency purposes, and other outdoor exercises.


Special NOAA Alert System

The Kaito KA500 comes packed with an excellent emergency alert system. It connects to an emergency alert system with the help of a national weather radio network (NWR) that is given by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).


Just set the radio to "Alert" mode! Then this NOAA alert feature will activate the KA500 radio automatically to notify you of any type of warning, including environmental, natural, and public safety, and dangerous weather conditions.


Kaito KA500 Features

  • 4-way powered: Hand crank, AA batteries, solar panel, and AC/DC adapter
  • 7 pre-programmed NOAA channels with an excellent alert system.
  • Flexible solar panels make sure that there is great sunlight exposure during the day.
  • USB output for charging mobiles, music players etc


Kaito KA500 Radio Specifications

  • FM: 88 to 108 MHz
  • (MW): 530 to 1710 kHz
  • NOAA Weather: 1to 7
  • SW1: 3.20 to 8.00 MHz
  • SW2: 9.00 to 22.00 MHz


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