A2-KA700 Emergency Radio MP3 Player


The KA700 is a music powerhouse that delivers premium sound quality, providing a truly enjoyable music experience. It boasts a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets and computers, making it incredibly versatile. Additionally, it showcases innovation with its built-in MP3 player that can connect to the device via Line in connection or Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy music from a wide range of sources, including NOAA radio stations.

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Benefits of Kaito KA700

Looking for a reliable and well-known emergency Weather Radio? Look no further than the Kaito KA700! First introduced in 2016, the KA700 has quickly become one of the best emergency radios on the market.

But the KA700 isn’t just an emergency radio – it’s also an all-in-one music machine with premium sound quality. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily stream music from your phone or computer, or use the built-in MP3 player to play your favorite tunes.

One of the standout features of the KA700 is its 4-way power sources. Not only can you charge the battery using a USB charger, but you can also use the dynamo cranking mechanism to produce power by hand or charge it under sunlight. This makes the KA700 an ideal option for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking, as well as emergency situations like blackouts and hurricanes.

And let’s not forget that the KA700 is also a portable, multi-functional digital FM/AM weather radio. So whether you’re out exploring nature or hunkering down during a storm, you’ll always be able to stay informed and connected.

Overall, the Kaito KA700 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable emergency radio that also doubles as a high-quality music machine. So why wait? Buy the KA700 today and experience the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for anything.

KA700 Radio Features

  • All in One Music Machine: FM/AM/NOAA Weather Radio
  • MP3 Player with SD Card
  • Recorder of Two Types
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Calendar, Tex Browser, and Alarm Clock
  • 4 Way Powered: Solar, Dynamo Cranking, rechargeable Battery
  • Bright 5 LED Reading Lamp
  • Flash Light and SOS Emergency Beacon Light 
  • USB Port for charging cell phones and other devices with USB connections. 
  • 5V USB Cable 

 KA700 Radio Specifications

  • FM: FM: 87 to 108 MHz
  • AM (MW): 522 to 1710 kHz  


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