A2-KA700 Emergency Radio MP3 Player


Bluetooth MP3 Player Hand Crank  & Solar Power AM FM Weather Radio



Benefits of Kaito KA700

Buy the Kaito KA700 now and get the most reliable and well-known emergency radio for you. Kaito KA700’s first model was first created in 2016 and has become one of the best emergency radios in the market since then.


KA700 is all in one music machine with a premium sound speaker that will allow you to enjoy the music. You can enjoy the music with various sources such as Bluetooth-enabled devices like pads or computers with a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, it is a perfect example of innovation as it has an in-built MP3 player that easily connects via Line in connection or Bluetooth from the NOAA radio stations. 


You can easily carry KA700 with you while enjoying outdoor activities and is great for daily use. Moreover, it also has 4-way powered sources to help you in emergency conditions. You can use a USB charger for battery charging and keep it alive for various days. 


You can also charge the battery under sunlight as it contains a dynamo cranking mechanism that produces power. It is an ideal option for camping, traveling, outdoor activities, and backpacking. 


It is right to call it an Emergency gadget suitable for situations such as earthquakes, blackouts, hurricanes, and any other situation when you need information and power. Moreover, it is also a portable, multi-functional, and Digital FM/AM weather radio that you would love to have.  


KA700 Radio Features

  • All in One Music Machine: FM/AM/NOAA Weather Radio
  • MP3 Player with SD Card
  • Recorder of Two Types
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Calendar, Tex Browser, and Alarm Clock
  • 4 Way Powered: Solar, Dynamo Cranking, rechargeable Battery
  • Bright 5 LED Reading Lamp
  • Flash Light and SOS Emergency Beacon Light 
  • USB Port for charging cell phones and other devices with USB connections. 
  • 5V USB Cable 


KA700 Radio Specifications

  • FM: FM: 87 to 108 MHz
  • AM (MW): 522 to 1710 kHz  



Emergency Radio Supply

The Midnight Report

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Black, Green, Red, Yellow


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